How to use the Cloud 9 Waving Wand

Achieve the 40s look, boho chic or tousled style with the Cloud 9 Waving Wand

If you’ve recently purchased the Cloud 9 Waving Wand you may be wondering how best to use it to create the 40s inspired look, boho chic or tousled style. Whichever look you desire, here are a few tips to get you started…

Before you start you will need:

• Cloud 9 Waving Wand
• Cloud 9 Heat Glove
• Neal & Wolf Heat Protection Spray
• Neal & Wolf Elevate
• Neal & Wolf Fix Spray
• Fully blow dried hair

How to use the Waving Wand to create a professional fashionable look:

1. Use Neal & Wolf Heat Protection Spray, Neal & Wolf Elevate and blow dry the hair until fully dry.
2. Using Neal & Wolf Fix Spray on each section, wrap the hair around the wand under heat and leave for around 5 seconds.
TIP: The bigger the section you take will dictate the size and bounce of the curl.
3. Release the curl from the wand, then spray again with Neal & Wolf Fix, but don’t touch the hair allowing it to set.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary until each section has been treated.
5. Once complete shake the hair and gently run fingers through to create a more natural look.

Take a look at the Cloud 9 Waving Wand Product Video!
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